Volvo V50 window calibration

After I got back my Volvo V50 from a garage – front passenger window wouldn’t auto-close. After doing some digging in World Wide Web aka internet, I stumble upon quite a lot of forum posts, that explained the steps to successfully calibrate window and fix this problem. Mainly I used steps from this post. Here are the steps, that worked for me, hope it helps:

  1. Find the fuse box. In Volvo V50 there are two fuse boxes – one in the engine compartment, other in the passenger compartment. In our case, we will need the one, that is in the passenger compartment.
  2. Locate the fuse for the affected door module. This list will help you a lot. In my case the fuse, that I needed to use was: #82 / Power window and door lock – front passenger’s side door / 25A
  3. After you locate the right one close the affected window. Make sure car is ON (position II) or running (position III).
  4. Open the affected window, and while the window is moving down, remove the fuse for the door module.
  5. Wait few seconds and then insert the fuse back in place.
  6. Close the affected window by holding the switch all the way up (as if you were using the auto-up function) and hold the switch in the auto-up position at least 5 seconds after the window closes.
  7. Test the auto-down and auto-up function – it should be working now!

Hope it helps.
Thanks for the original post – and fuses list with amperage –