Replace Volvo V50 parking sensors

Quick guide how to replace Volvo V50 (2008) rear parking sensors.

  1. From all four sensors, almost in the same time three of them failed. I manage to identify broken ones using “get-real-close-to-the-sensor-and-listen-for-ticking-sound” method. After I got three used spare sensors I did some environmental arrangement and started.
  2. Three used spare sensors.
  3. The only screwdriver you need (Torx 20).
  4. Ready to start.
  5. Locate six screws in each side of the wheel’s arches inside (left side).
  6. Locate six screws in each side of the wheel’s arches inside (right side).
  7. Open boot and locate two screws in the lower corners.
  8. Locate two screws under rear bumper. Unscrew all sixteen screws and put them in save place. 
  9. Carefully start to take of rear bumper from one of the sides, be careful and don’t pry with a lot of force.
  10. If you stuck in one point, try to pry it from other side.
  11. Locate rear parking sensor main compound.
  12. It is located on the right side, under rear lights.
  13. Disconnect main compound before start to fully take off rear bumper.
  14. Place bumper safely on the ground, be sure to secure it, so it won’t get scratches.
  15. Disconnect broken sensors from wires and carefully take them out of there holder.
  16. After replacement connect main compound and test sensors setting cars ignition to Position-II and gearbox stick put in reverse.
  17. To assembly use these steps in reverse.